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mission and vision

Mission & Vision

Our Mission


We ensure businesses thrive in ambiguous environments. Our goal is to create a culture of accountability in the business community by inspiring leadership to lead "sustainable operations" eliminating risk and ensuring employee health and safety and environmental compliance. 

Our Vision

Create “sustainable operations” through the integration of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) in “how work gets done".

Meet the Team Leaders


President & Managing Partner

Carla Davis-Madgett

38 years experience, retired VP of EHS with Boeing. Other prior senior level experience with Shell Oil in EHS Leadership, Audit, Production Excellence and Process Safety. Worked in 30+ countries helping companies develop management systems, work process and technology solutions to reduce risk, improve and stabilize performance and achieve operational excellence

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Managing Partner

Lisa Davis

32 years experience, retired VP of Sales Operation with Coca-Cola. Other prior senior level experiences: Regional Leadership, Technical Service, Business Transformation and Operational M&A. Worked throughout the US achieving operational excellence and transforming organizational culture through effective and inspired leadership.

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Consortium of senior level professionals in EHS, Assurance, Operations, Leadership and Technology

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Why did we start
the Consultancy?

Row of Cranes

Since COVID, rising inflation, supply chain disruptions and “the Great Resignation”
have weakened business controls. This increased the likelihood of safety and
environmental incidents, productivity loss and reduced operating efficiency.

The UnTapped Sustainable Operations Methodology can help businesses restore
performance by identifying these gaps, creating an environment of transparency
and developing a roadmap to stay on track and thrive during ambiguous times.

Service Offering


We perform a comprehensive assessment utilizing the

UnTapped Framework, a very extensive deep dive into your business from senior leadership to the frontline.

This is how we determine leadership vision is understood, work processes and routines are followed, and controls are embedded in the way you work. We answer the question - Do you have a sustainable operation?

We provide you with a playbook that outlines the health of your control systems and identifies where you have gaps.  We provide a visual representation of your risk assessment using bowtie methodology as well as a written report with all our findings. 

Our extensive diagnostic assessment helps leaders prioritize their required actions so they can build plans on a continuum of improvement.


Our process is “evidenced based” so we will require documented and field based proof to validate that your controls are in place. 

We provide a gap analysis vs. your company standards as well as industry standards and best practices. 


We help leaders create a culture of accountability by helping them maintain a sustainable operation.

The diagnostic assessment tests the strength of your business controls against your own management system, industry standards, and best practices. It validates the design and the operating effectiveness of your controls. It illustrates the impact of weakened controls on the potential of adverse outcomes (safety incidents, environmental incidents, and productivity loss) This assessment is more than an audit, it provides leaders with the information required to develop a game plan to strengthen business controls and improve overall performance.

The Methodology

Test the effectiveness of the controls that the leader has in place to create production stability.

Data Processing



Leaders will be able to develop customized “surgical” improvement plans that support leaders to "Lead the Business, Motivate your People, Run the Business, and Assure the Business”. This is the UnTapped Leadership Model.

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